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Kent Power specializes in outside plant projects for public utilities and communications companies including the construction and maintenance of power lines, electrical substations, and gas lines. In addition, Kent power provides inside electrical services for commercial and industrial customers.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is evident from our commitment to workplace safety, training, and quality services. In an industry that is experiencing dramatic changes, Kent Power continues to expand its facilities and implement aggressive growth strategies — allowing us to best serve our customers today and into the future.

Substation Division

Substation Division

Substations provides a vital link in the chain of electrical transmission and distribution systems. For 35 years, Kent Power has been committed to service and the construction of the power grid that businesses and communities rely on.

Kent Power provides systems and technologies for utility Companies, Municipalities, industrial operations, and Rural Electric Authorities. Teams of collaborating engineers, project managers, and crew provide experience and expertise at every stage of the construction and service process, including constructing substations up to 345 kV, modifying existing substations, and repairing substations damaged by storms.

With a company culture that encourages employees to seek innovative solutions and processes that enhance safety and performance, Kent Power remains a regional industry leader.

Power Line Division

Power Line Division

The Power Line division of Kent power constructs, maintains, and repairs power transmission and distribution equipment for electric utilities, municipalities, and private enterprises. The division specializes in overhead transmission, overhead and underground distribution, rural electric authorities, and storm restoration.

Interfacing with private consulting engineering firms, in-house engineers, and operations personnel, the team at Kent Power provides leadership and strategic planning ensuring a project that meets safety standards and is completed on time.

At Kent Power, our number one resource is our employees, which have specialized training with an emphasis on safety issues. Training and safety issues are addressed by our in-house director of safety and maintained by our veteran field supervisors.

An excellent safety record, superior fleet, and family interest in the company have contributed to Kent Power’s longevity in the marketplace. The ability to maintain key personnel and reduce employee turnover makes the company extremely competitive.

gas Division

Kent Power offers blanket contracts, lump sum, and turn-key service to utilities installing, renewing, maintaining, and more to natural gas distribution lines.

Since 2003 we have worked to build a diligent team of experience field supervisors, project managers, and office support to meet our community’s needs. We provide installation of plastic and steel, ranging up to 24” to residential and commercial services along road right of ways, city neighborhoods and across rural easements. We stride to perform our services with excellence, including maintaining, repairing, upgrading, and completed builds of above and below ground gate stations, regulator stations, etc..

In all our work we work hard to make sure that the work isdone right, reliably, and safely for crew, community, and environment.

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Trusted Locally

Trusted Locally

We serve utility companies, municipalities, industrial and more.

Safe Jobsites

Safe Jobsites

A company culture that encourages safety and performance on the job.

Safety is Our Top Priority

Safety is a Top Priority

We're committed to workplace safety, training, and quality services.

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